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     Worship services are available via Facebook Live, Sundays 10am. You can also see past messages on our Youtube Channel, Light of the World Sarasota.                        Join us for Wednesdays in the Word on Facebook Live every Wednesday at Noon.        Membership Application



The Center for Christian Growth offers 4 classes to help you begin your
journey to Discipleship, to discover Our Church beliefs and its mission,
to discover your God Given Gifts and the value of connecting to your
Church Family.

The Classes Offered Are:
My Foundation, My LOTW, My Gifts and My Fellowship.
To sign up for classes email rmckoy@lotwsrq.org


Prior to attending the My Gifts Class please complete the Serving My Church Form

Below, is additional My Gifts support materials which will be
explained by your Ministry Coach after class attendance:

My Gifts Core Motivations Workbook

Linking Core Motivations


New Membership Application

Membership Application